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Desiree Ramirez
Born in California
13 years
Rudy Jr Missing you March 1, 2021
Hi my Beautiful Baby Cousin!

I just want to say that you are always in my heart/thoughts and that you have been on my mind so much. Its crazy because I can still hear your voice. I remember how you always wanted to ride in the front seat and how you loved HOT CHEETOS. I remember how you would always go to your brothers practices and games even though it was like everyday lol. I remember Your smile. And MOSTLY I remember how much LOVE you give to everyone. You are truly a BLESSING from HEAVEN. Well Cousin, I just wanted to drop by and say I miss you and Love you. Please tell my Sister Eileen Hello. 

Rudy Jr. 
Julissa:) Your cousin August 26, 2018
I love you so much.You are so pretty one day we will be together and get to know each other since I never got the chance to meet you. My mom always talks about you and how pretty you were and so nice.We would have been so close but I hope you are reading this. I just wanted to say hi and I miss and love you!!
Julissa:) Hi it's your cousin August 26, 2018
HI desiree
dragan's dad Happy Easter April 16, 2017
Your cousin Janina We miss u July 9, 2015
Hello desiree I miss you so much I've been thinking of u a lot lately I always think of you !! I always talk about u to julissa she's 8 years old she's almost 9 I was pregnant with her when u passed away it's strange but something's she reminds me of u !!! She makes these faces that look like ur faces u would make !! you'll meet her and Daniel when we get to heaven Daniel is ur other cousin he's 7 omg he looks like adrIan so much it's crazy he even have his big head lol he's a cutie tho !! We love u so much and we miss u u are always in our hearts !!! Forever see u in heaven !! 
Mom My daughter August 22, 2013
I miss you so much. I remember the minute I found out I was pregnant with you, I loved you since then. I remember how your grandparents were sooo upset but I loved you. I remembered working a lot and giving you everything you wanted, I did it because I love you. I remember you getting older and liking boys, I was scared because I loved you too much. I remember the day you left my side, It still hurts so bad because I love you. I miss you my Desiree. Every day is a challange but I keep on going because I know I will see you again. My love for you will never end. I Love You Desiree.
alexisss!! ommggg<3 January 6, 2012
omggggg dessireee!!! i miss you girlyy!!!
soooo today well actually yesterdaayyy!!!! went to go see u!!! nd i sat there nd
a rush of emotions came to me! ;( cried a lil but only cause i miss u soo much!
nd u were a great person nd i just sit nd wonder wat u wud be today! were u wud be!?
wat skool i mean college u wud be goin to!! or wat car u wud be driving!
nd its crazzzyy how its already been like 5 years!!!!
time flys! nd i miss u everyday! 
all these memories i cherish nd hold close to my hearttt nd
im really thankful that i was aparrt of url ife glad that u were a friend of mine
lol we went to elementry nd middle skool together i love u nd miss u dessireeeee!!!!
nd i know ur n a better place were dreams do come true!
omgggg dessiirreeee i love u! nd omg ur brithday is coming up ahhhh 19!!!
crazyyyy how ur already going to be 19!!! i wish u were here i do but i no up there
in heaven ur an angel!! witht he same beautifulll smile nd laugh!!! i love u desss!!
Lorena Ramirez Desiree's Mom September 16, 2011
Thank You Mrs. Davis, It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank You for taking your time and visiting our daughter website. Yes, we will see her again in Heaven in God's perfect timing. God Bless You

Lorena Ramirez
Dr. Gail Davis Professor of Math and Physics August 23, 2011
To the Ramirez Family:

On Tuesday, last week, I flew on Delta Airlines from Atlanta to Ontario, CA and had the pleasure of meeting your Son Adrian and Mr. Ramirez. What a blessing your son is to this world! He's bright, cheerfully, and full of compassion. Mr. Ramirez shared briefly the story of your daughter's loss and I promised to visit the website to express my condolensces. How tragic this is and what a sweet, bright child she was!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my comments. However, knowing that your family shares my passion for Christian belief, you will see Desiree again.

In Christ,
Gail Davis
best cousin Anthony memory's March 8, 2011
Hi Desi:)
    well i just wanted to stop by and let you know how much i miss you and love you. daam:""( its so hard celebrating my birthdays without you there. i remember we use to do ours TOGETHER all the time at grandmas house:"( jeeze going on 5yrs already. its so hard Desi but i know your always watching over all of us. everytime im in school you come to my mind how u wantted to graduate and go to college and have a wonderful future. wow time flys by so fast but you will always stay in my heart nomatter how fast or slow time goes=) your like my twin Desi we were raised together since day1. everytime i show up at grandma's i hope to see you run out that front door and run to me saying "best cousin" and jump on my back for a piggy back ride back in the house:""( those are the times to remember about you. also me and my funny jokes that made you pee in your pants,bcuz of how funny they are. you always had a BIG BEAUTIFULLLL smile on your face. i will also try my best to keep your lil brother angel on the right road to success, that i can promise you.. bcuz i learnd the hard way and i sure dont want him going through the same thing=) il be here for any of them in the future...
im like the straightner you didnt have in Las Vegas, so thats why your mom used the iron to make your hair straight hahaha funny and wonderful days you for us to remember everyday.
im sorry for being late to say happy birthday Oopsy:/
i know you would always and i mean always call me for mine every year without anybody reminding you=) well ima go and listen to your favorite songs like the "paletero man" lmao..
love you and take care up there in heaven, just like i always took care of you all the time=)
BEST COUSINS ---> Eternity

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