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Desiree Ramirez
Born in California
13 years
Yessenia Cardenas Thank you May 23, 2018
Hey Dezzi,
      I finally saw you in my dream, thank you for visiting me. I'm glad you did, you lit up my soul with your smile and I think I really needed that. I will always love you Dez and I still miss you so much. I'm glad you're doing great and watching over everyone who loves you. 
Anthony Elena Xmas Eve 2017 December 24, 2017
Mom Happy Birthday Auntie March 6, 2017
Happy Birthday Auntie Desiree. Love, Desiree Analia and April Renee Ramirez
Lorena Mom March 6, 2016
Baby Desiree 
Lorena Mom March 6, 2016
Loving You always Desiree
Lorena ramirez Mom March 6, 2016
Happy Birthday Auntie Desiree
Lorena Ramirez Missing You March 30, 2015
Missing you always Desiree. I know that you are in a much better place but sometimes I wish I had one more day with you. Nothing is the same without you. Yes, we are living our daily lives but the pain of not having you is still so real. I know that you can see us but I wish we were able to see you Innocent. Family has changed, people have changed... Your brothers miss you a lot. They talk about you all the time like if you were still here. It hurts to see them hurt for you..  I can't wait for the day we meet again in Heaven.
Anthony/Violet 5th Generation March 21, 2014
This Is Your Niece Violet-Rose. Yes Yes iknow The Beautiful Name Was Chosen By Me;-P
Anthony Elena Legally Legal Legal Like Legally March 21, 2014
Hey there Desi, been a while since over dropped by and left you a lil note. Sorry about that. But you'll always be in my heart always. Your like my twin:) 
Its crazy how we are now both 21yrs young, I still remember the last time I saw you for your 13th bday & I didn't even get to hug you or tell you Happy Birthday, because you were enjoying your beautiful sunny day with your friends at boomers:) it's crazy how time doesn't stop, like litteraly it doesnt. But you know, you and I build so much memories that I talk about them with my wife and daughter, and they love hearing about you. I wonder if you would of been married already or be in ucla or any university you wanted to be. What would you be doing, how would you look. Would you be taller than me? Because I sure enough past our uncle Steven. Lol
i know there's a lot of family who don't stop by to visit you here or in person, but it's ok. Not everyone is needed to be happy :-) but we/I sure do miss you very much. My birthday just passed 3days ago, and it felt weird different silent not normal. It's a should be a big celebration for 21. But it wasn't, why? I'm not sure.. I just know we would of been in vegas or Hawaii or bora bora or anywhere. Like I tell people, "If You Knew You Couldn't Fail, How Big Would You Dream"?..

Well i just stopped by to have a conversation with you & to see how you are doing. Don't Drink & Fly Beautiful Angel :-) hehe, one cup for you.. Don't worry we are legal already. Lol

-Anthony Elena 
Anthony Elena Were Both 20 :-) March 18, 2013
Today is my bday and really wish I would receive a txt or call from you like I always use to. Gosh how I miss you Desi, your that person that I really looked up to when I was feeling down and upset even though you were only a couple days old, your still like my big sister I didnt have. Because you were always a nerdy girl and focus on school and stuff. Well just wantted to stop by and say hi.. ikno that if Jesus would let you use the phone you would call me and say happy bday to me. I love & miss you very much.. take care
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