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Auntie Liz

Hi Desiree,


Today's your 17th birthday and everyone, your parents, cousins, aunts and uncles, went to see you.  It was cold but thanks for bringing out the sun once in awhile. :) After we went for pizza and ate together. I'm sure you were there with us.


I can't believe you are 17 already.  Next year you'll be!  I remember when you turned 13... you were so grown up aready. Every time I pass that place where you had your birthday, I just remember how happy you were celebrating your birthday with us and your friends.  I will never forget that day... the last time I saw you.  Thank you again for that last kiss you gave me on that day.  It will be in my heart forever.


Love you and talk to you soon.





hi desiree[:
jus stoppin bye to show some love[:
i wish you were still here n livin in hesperia[:
that woud be great cuz i live in hesperia now[:
i wish we could hang out everyday like we used to[:
i miss your one makes it like you
believe me....i tried n it did not come out close lol
i wish you were here to help me do that
i've been thinking about you alot
i guess cuz ur birthdays in a few months
i wish you could smile at us all right now...
ur big smile always made things bttr[:
i miss you so much n i lov you[:
ok well ttfn...ta ta for now[:
ill be back
Hi Desiree, I miss you soo much. There are so many things that I want to tell you but right now I can only say that I want you here with me. I miss you soo much, it is almost 4 years that you left my side but I feel like your still around and soon you will enter the door. I miss you Desiree. Many might say, Move on, I can't, not without you. You are my baby girl and until we meet again, then I will move on. I am sitting in your room right now, looking at your pillows and wish that I can just lay there and hold you in my arms. I do remember the last day I seen you, you sat on my lap, you played with my hair and you were just laughing. You were soo happy that day, oh Desiree, I wish I can go back in time and would of gone somewhere else. I miss you.
breana nunez:]

i think of you everyday and i still cant believe your gone it still kills me inside... but then i think of our good memories...remember the time you hurt ur ankle and we all stood home from school at auntie sonyas n we were watchin lifetime all day:] that was so fun. i miss all those times we would hang out...i wish i could see you again...dreams arent enough. oh and pls if you see my dad up there can you tell him i miss him too. i was going thru a hard time with that and i wish you were there to help me through it your hugs were always nice. remember when you and the fam first moved to hesperia and we spent the night at your house and  you put all of your hair in front of your face like the ring and scared yourmom. that was fun kinda lol except your mom was doin her hw. i miss those days so much but i kno ill see you again and those memoies will be great to:]

love you and i miss you so much and goodbye for now...but ill be back:]

and auntie lorena thank you. that means so much to me and i appreciate it alot


Hey Cuzin !! I miss u sooo MUCH ... I BEEN THINKING ABOUT U ALOT. I FIND MY SELF crying for u  !! it feels like yesterday =/ i cant believe its been 3 yrs i was 4mons pregnant with ur cuzin julissa when u passed i wish u were here with us ! but i know ur in a better place and well see u one day !! i remember when i picked u up from ur house in hesperia and we went to walmart and on our way there u shared a couple things with me .. and we were listing to music u liked the song (best friend) by 50cent. i  cant hear that song with out crying !! it reminds me of u ... i love u cuzin i miss u alot !! keep looking down on us from up there ur our angel !! xoxoxxoxxxoo janina


Desiree it has been 3 years, 4 months and 19 days without you. We will always remember you my friend. Yes, we were able to talk and laugh. I thank God for you, you were my reason for changing my life. I had too, you were my princess. I know things were not perfect, but I always tried my best. I love you soo much. I think and wonder, " How would it be with you here now?" Life would be different. I know you would be loving High School. I miss you Desiree, I miss you hugs and kisses. I Love You, Desiree Eileen Ramirez.

Mom - Lorena Ramirez
Breanna and Pumpkin, you are Desiree's cousin and alway's will be. She loved you both very much. She enjoyed being around you. With much love, Lorena
breana nunez:)
kika really i miss you so much kika i remember every single day wen auntie sonya was watchin you guys and we would come home from school and youd be sittin there on the small couch pretendin to do your homework lol cuz for some reason wen i would get home your homework would coincidently ne finished and me and you would sit on the table and talk about everything lol we would write notes to our friends we would write down lyrics to music and i still even have the notes you would write to me in my old jones and el sausal agenda lol those were such good times really i miss you so much and i dont care wat anyone says but your my cousin and blood wont hold it back ok i really miss you and i love you tata for now kika love always breenanas
Mom - Lorena Ramirez
Yes, I lost some of my memory, but not all of it. I thank God, I do remember you. I remember when you were born and when you turn one. I remember you playing in the grass, I remember you cheering, I remember you going to school. Yes, I remember you and I pray that God will never take that from me. That he will not take my memories that I have of you. I miss you Desiree and I can only imagine what it will be like when I walk by your side. What my eyes will see, when you are before me. I can only imagine. Surrounded by your glory, how will my heart fee?  Would I be able to speak at all. I can only imagine my princess when that day comes, standing in the sun, what I would do! I can only imagine, I can only imagine. Yes, I can only imagine and remember the special times we had.  
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