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HAYY DESS....DAM ITS BEEN 2 YEARS NOW AND I HAVENT SEEN YOUU OR YOUR BEAUTIFUL SMILE, I REMEMBER WHWN WE USED TO KICK IT HAHAHA, FUN TIMES HUH! well babee ii got to go love youuu sooooooo.........muchhhh!!!!! <3333333
alexis limas :)

omg desiree i miss u soooooo much me and marisa went to go see u on ur birthday and we were just sitting there looking at ur grave and ur pitures remembering all the good times we had lol hahah and after a while we sang happy birthday to u and we all sang and it sounded like we were n chours lol. but ya im remeber all the good times we had n school  like durnung brunch and lunch lol and esspecially n class lol hahah ya and ur party at bommers(dont know hoe 2 spell lol) i will never forget lol but ya that was a fun day we had and i would never forget when we played taged n the cosmic golf center  running around getting n everyones way lol that was fun hahah. then on the golf carts lol hahah but ya desiree i miss u lots and will always love u


Ur friend always,




     alexis limas

Desiree, I can still remember how you will get your brothers together and get the christmas list ready. You loved Christmas, that was your favorite. Desiree, I hope that I made you happy that years that I did have you. I wish I could of have you longer and we wouldn't of gone to Victorville that day. If I can give my life to bring you back, I will. Your brothers miss you soo much. Everybody misses you a lot. Your brothers got you a teddy bear with a teddy bear necklace. I didn't see it , you dad and them bought it and they wrap it up. I open your gift, at that point I realize you were not coming home. I wish I can hold you in my arms and just hug & kiss you. When we will sleep, you will put your arm around me, dang, Why did God take you? Why? I miss you and hope to see you in heaven one day. I love you my Desiree. I miss you my Desiree. Yes, you were my Desiree. Love Always, Mom
I remember how you used to like to play with your pink & blue plastic heals. You will be all over the house making noise and also take them with you wherever you went. Desiree, I truly miss you so much. I know that you are our Angel in heaven taking care of your brothers and me this past year. Twice in the hospital but God knew that it wasn't my time. I love and do really miss you, I wish I can hold you one more time. I can still here you say " Mom, buy me something"!! Baby I will buy you the world if I could but I know that In heaven you are in you mansion with God waiting for us, making "pepinos"...
Hi baby, how are you. Yes, I believe that Mika looks likes you. They might say no, but once I seen your picture, I believe she does. I believe that she is an Angel from heaven. I will definitely take care of her. I might spoil her , but I don't think that your Auntie and Uncle would mind. I love you Desiree, you were sent for a purpose and fulfilled it and I thank you. I Love you Desiree, I truly miss you sooooo much.
Auntie Liz
Wow it's been awhile that I haven't written to you, however it doesn't mean that I don't think of you.  Of course I do....everyday!  I can't believe how quick time flies by.  Only if you were right next to me right now playing to play with Mika.  She is so beautiful and I know you can see her from heaven.  I hope when she grows up she looks like you (although everyone says she looks like Frank) or at least have your personality.
I still remember when I first got engage in 2004 and you asked me when I was having a baby.  I just told you "hold on thing at a time."  It was so funny.  I know you wanted to be here to hold her but when time comes we will all be together again.  But for now, please take care of her.  You might already talk to her since she likes to smile in her sleep.  I wonder why she is smiling but I figure it's because she is playing with her angel....her cousin Desiree. 
I love you Desiree.  We all miss you dearly and pray for you.  Talk to you later.  XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO 

Yes, we all love you and miss you. I know that we all have a purpose in life in this world and I know that you were a Angel sent from heaven to me to change my life. My life did change for the good, i finished school and started to work to take care of you. If it wasn't for you, I believe I would of been a lost case out there. It's very hard to say this but I believe that once your mission was accomplished God took you home to heaven before any bad things would of happend to you. I love you my precious princess and believe that I will see you in heaven in God's perfect timing.

P.S. Here is a picture of your brother Angel at the race track.

Well, what can I say. Everyone thought I was going home with you. I don't want to sound selfish , but I wish I was with you right now. I can't believe why God has allowed soo much things to happend in my life. Why does life have to be this rough? Why? Desiree, I know for a fact that you are with God , but why do we have to continue to go through this pain. I miss you terribly, I wish, I could hold you in my arms and just keep you in my lap and never would of let you go. Maybe you would off never gone on that ATV, why can't I just stop time and bring you back. You were the best daughter I could of asked for, yes, I gave you everything but that was because you earned it and deserverd it. I asked, Why, in this time that I was in the hospital for 13 days, Why didn't God let me see you, Why???? Why is this life so hard??? Yes, I  was a bad daughter and I was always told that I would pay when I get bigger, but does it have to be this hard. I know God has forgiven me of my sins and is going to continue to heal me completely, but Desiree, I miss you soo much. I would do anything to hold you one more time time, just one more time. I know that God didn't take me and spared me for your dad and brothers but I pray that you pray for me my precious angel in heaven. I want a complete healing to be good for your dad and brothers. They worry soo much for me,  I thank God for blessing me with your dad and your brothers. They do everything for me. Pray for me and remember that I truly miss you my love. Your Mom
Veronica R.
its been 2 years since I last heard your voice and seen your big smile , but yet it seems like only yesterday..... I remember when you were smaller and you had this really curly hair that was so beautiful you always had cute headbands and i remember we were at your house one day and you had been gone at the store with your mom and I remember you were just like 5 maybe and you had this gold shiny shoes and i asked your mom why she bought them and she said because you wanted them she is one of the best mothers I have ever known in my lifetime and she always wanted to give you guys the best things that life offered but yet she made sure that she taught you guys to always be greatful and reminded you that you were blessed and I truly believe that you knew that...... I remember the last time I picked you and your brothers up for school and I asked you what you wanted to eat and of course you said TACO BELL on the way there you told me that someone had been teasing you and saying you had everything because you got so many presents at you birthday party then angel said its because we have alot of money hah desiree  and you corrected him and said no angel were told me that you told that girl that and she was just quiet ..... u know what he never forgot that until this day I hear him and your brothers saying that ......i asked you what you wanted and you said some tacos and a pizza lol you ate so much but you were so petite man I miss you desiree I wish that I can just pick you up from school again and just take you home to your mom and dad we all miss you like crazy ... Im glad that you are in a better place but it still hurts to know that your gone ..... I will never ever forget you and you are always in my heart I love you talk to you later .......
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