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Desiree Ramirez
Born in California
13 years
cuz susie
hey cuz yeah i will tell them and i cant wait untill you show the thing you want to show me - susie

Hi Suzie, Can I ask you for a favor. Can you ask your parents if I can have a copy of the picture. Please... Desiree did love Hillary Duff, when I see you, I will show you something. Take Care of yourself. Love You, Lorena

cuz susie
your welcome i remember she loved hilary duff i am listing to her right now because it was her favorite i love you all it is hard for evryone eveytime i see her i say why her i miss you so much i love you all
Thank You Susie, Desiree Loved you all very much. We truly miss her. It's hard to not cry when you see her pictures, memories of her as a little girl make me smile. All memories make me smile. She was my baby girl, and I truly miss her. Yes, we will see her again. Thank You for writing and the picture.
cuz susie
hey cuzin i miss you so much the whole the family does to if i had one wish i would wish to have you back our life. my birthday is coming up July 15th i just wish you are here for me. i remember we where in grandmas kitchen and you teaching how to do the spilts it was very hard. i pray for you and your family at night. it is so hard for me to express myself. i am going to try Desiree i remember alot of things but one thing i remember the most and remember it everyday is when you teaching me how to the spilts and when see you i just want to cry so bad i see you in school at home. i tell mom every day why her i miss you so much desiree you have no idea julie and jasmin miss you to a lot. i know your brothers and your parents miss you so much and you miss them to. i love desiree. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox susie. the whole family misses you
I really really really miss , I love you and I wish you were here.
cuz susie
hey desieree we all miss you so much iam crying because i remember how you always came over we were awake al night.all of us miss you we love you so much.juile and jasmin miss you to.i remeber a year after you died the on a chismas the familey was crying.and for grandmas and grandpas party i knew you were your always there for us.i was crying so hard right now dad was holding me telling we all see you one day.WWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

Hi Sabrina, Thank you for writing. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. I truly miss my Desiree. She brought so much joy and laughter to my life. Her brothers miss her soo much, we all do. They talk about her and respect her room as if she is still here. Even though it has been 4 years, and 22 days, it feels like yesterday. My heart has a hole, it is missing something. Knowing that she is not here, really hurts, I really miss her. I can only imagine her dressing up in her Prom dress, fixing her hair and getting ready for college. Life is hard but I have to hold on for her brothers and continue to have faith in God that one day we will reunite. When? Only God knows. One thing that brings me joy, and comfort is that Desiree loved God and Praised him at church. Oh, I can only imagine her Praising him in heaven......


Dear Desiree,

            Tomorrow will be the 4 year mark of when you went with God. I wish I could tell how much I and your family and friends miss you, but writing to you actually makes me feel like I'm talking to you, but like we are passing notes.") <------ That's my new smile face..and Lorena if you are to read this and you probably won't recognized my name, but I'm Desiree's best friends( Lauren Gomez) sister Sabrina Gomez. Desi , I remember when you would come over to play or we would hug and talk at school when we would see each other. I miss you. Desi, I have a secret poem to tells you....I wrote it myself and goes lke this:                                      When I ask God "Why!?!?!?" i get this feeling that no one is gone and he's reminding me of what i should NO ONE IS GONE...only when that feeling is gone, a little breeze goes by to remind me that everyone's still my heart and when people tell me that i shouldn't live in the past...i tell them that you need to know or realize what happened in the past that makes you move foward or stronger. your heart bare anything that comes between you and  serenity and tranquility.

i hope you love it desi

janina,julissa and daniel
Hi cuzin, I miss u so much I can't believe its gonna be four years since u left earth ur always in my heart! I think of u a lot I cry at times but I try not to cry ,because of ur cousins I told your cousin julissa about u shell be four soon! I love u cuzin and miss u dearly well be meeting up sooner then later !
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