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alexis! limas!<3 Desiireeeee!! January 2, 2012
OMGGGGG dessiireeee!!!!! happyyyy neww years its been 5 years suckssss dude i miss u!!!! miss all those talks we had that wud go on nd on!!!!! laughing nd talk bout everything!!! I sit n think like damnnn how wud high school been with u!!! OMGGGG but i stiill remember all those moments we had in skoooll! togetherr!!! lol middle school!   felt like forever ago! ;/ omggg but i remembr everytime i see u from like across campus id screemm "deeesssirrreeee" lol  nd having u for math class lol u sat like rite nxt to me!!! had u for more than one class!!!! we had some fun times like talking bout that wierdo teacher that did that wood crapppp!! lol hahah we talked nd talked lol like crazyyyy!!! orrr i rememberrr how we always go walk to the brunch line together nd all ud talk about were boys!!! lol esspecially a certain one! lol crazyyyy lol but last time in skool i seen u it was suppperr freezzeing but u were warein a skirttt!!!! lol nd white flats!!!! thats the last i seen of u! :( duddeee ahh i missss uu!!!!! like crazyyyy!!!! omggg i love u girlyyyy!!!!!! nd i sit nd think bout u!!!!! ull always be n my heart! nvr will be forgoottennnn!<333333333

Anthony Elena

iLy DesI

Anthony elena
Hey desi:) it's your fav cousin Tony.. Well it's Christmas eve and here I am thinking about you and how I miss you so much an I wish you would be here with the family it's 6:21pm 12-24-10.. Well I dnt have much to say because you already know how much we ALL miss you:) well Merry Christmas Desiree:)
Anthony Elena
Hey Desiree here I am on a Sunday night Monday morning it's 2:12am and I cnt sleep. Lol I kno I got school tomrw but it's okay there's nothing more important than showing you a lil love frm the heart.. Well I'm just thinking how Christmas is coming up and your not here again for the fourth time:,( but we DO ALL miss you very very much.. I just member lol (u member, member)lol well yea like I was saying when u use to be peeky with your gift lol you always use to say money only please thank you.. But yet you did appreciate what people always gave you. And that's good bcuz there's alot mre people out there way worst than us:( but that's how life is.. Well yea like I always tell I missshhy misshy yeeww and LLllloVe£ ye€£w @LLoO++:). Well all I wan for Christmas is for you to be within he family and especially next to your lovely mother (my auntie Lorena).. Mmm let's see??? Oooooo member when uuumm hehe I forgot:P oooo wen old pops (grandpa) use to buy us ice cream everyday after school lol yummy.. I member I always copied your flavor bcuz u use to get mad lol but we still loved each other muchooooo~~~> I always think if ye remembers those days about his son & his two grandchildren us (3) lil mocoso/a how we use to mess around with him all the time...oooooo you know what I found the other day:)?? The (R) calendar lol.. I member you slept over at my house and I made you laugh so much that you peeeed on your pjs hahahaha wow memoryz:-) I was always the clown in the family and still am by I always remember how I made u laugh hard all the time.. Hehe best cousin I miss you alot.. I wish you were still by my & everyone elses side:'( GOD time flys soo fast jeeze the older we get the faster time goes. I wish it was other way lol.. But DNT you worry DESI I will NEVER forget you NEVER:) well i'ma leave a lil space for whoever else wants to visit and leave a message lol.. Thanks you & GOD for giving me the time to write to you:) muuaahh<3 take care cousin
Anthony Elena (11-26-10)
Hi Desiree, it's 4:55am & I'm here thinking of you and how it's another thanksgiving without your gorgeous smile on the table with the family. But I do know your in a happy place & I'm sure GOD had a wonderfull supper for you up their in heaven:) well to remind you. Your always in my mind & that being close to GOD is the most wonderful experience you can ever have in your life:-) now I know why you always had smile on your pretty face, because you were always so active with church & GOD.. & I'm very proud of you, because not alot of people are as close to GOD as u were here on earth. Hehe I cant say now cuz your pretty much sitting next to him hehe:) dam Desiree I miss you soooo~~>oo much it's unexplainable.. Well g2g desi il be coming back pretty often. XOXO take care- best cousin Anthony:)
Anthony Elena
Hey there Desiree, i just wanted to stop by and let you know how much i miss you. especially those times when you use to run up to me and tell me BEST COUSIN=) those are the moments i really miss because you were the only one that did that. & but i know your in a better spot now. your like my TWIN SISTER our birthdays are so close to each-others.. wow time goes by so quick we are seniors in school, i could imagine both of us graduating at the same time and celebrating it together like we ALWAYS use to at grandmas house BUT this time it would'nt be there LOL its too small for all our friends and family.. well hopefully you take care of yourself up there & hope to see you soon.

also wanna thank you for that speech you gave me on Oct 23,2010.. it was a surprise and i know that if i tell anyone about it they wouldnt believe me but it was nice to hear your voice while i was praying at the retreat i was at=] and yes i remember every single word you said and always will until we meet again in heaven.. well g2g LoOoovVVvveEe yEeeEwWwW LoTttsSssszzZz=] <3 your best cousin Anthony


hey girl,

damn its our senior year and ur still gone. dude it was just like yesterday wen we were all back in middle school hanging out. its still unbeliveable that ur still gone, and that we dont get to see that smile like we use to its hard to move on cause ur not here. but i do know one day we will meet again in heaven but for now i guess we got to wait. i do hope that ur having fun wit jesus and god up there, well i miss u alot and love u bunches i hope to see u soon(:


Mom- Lorena Ramirez
Hi Desiree, as I sit here, I close my eyes and just think about the wonderful memories you left us. I remember when you were born, I thanked God for my beutiful baby girl. I remember your curls, I loved them. Yes, I spoiled you and I do not regret it. I remember when I was at work and seen a new barbie doll, I bought it for you. I can not forget your blue/pink heals. You loved them. You started to grow up and wanted less barbies and more clothes and that was ok. I remember that you loved taking pictures with your friends. I treasure the pictures that you addressed to me. You always sign them and write xoxo.... I love you too Desiree, I wish I would of told you more often. I know that you knew that. You will give me a kiss every single day until the hour before you died. If I could only hold you a little longer or let you stay with grandma. Their are too many, "what if's" or "why"? I can't seem to understand til this day but this was something that was beyond my control, it hurts to say, but this was Gods will. I pray that I dream with you but I rarely do, oh I know it's because I am still hurting so much God will allow it in his time. I wanted to buy you your prom dress, I couldn't wait for your sweet 16, your wedding, your first child, Desire , I MISS YOU SO MUCH. I know Angel is only 14 but I can't wait for him to get marry and have a baby. He looks just like you and I believe in my heart that his baby girl will look like you. I dream for that day, 10 or 20 years, I will hold on to my dream. I ask God daily, Why? I then have to remember that you are in a better place. Honestly, you are. Desiree, my life, my heart will never be the same. I have such a big hole in my heart. I tell myself, dang, I struggle so much when I had her and now she is taken! I covet parents with daughters (in a good way). I will take any day, any time, any little girl or daughter that is not wanted. I will give them the love that I wish I can show you now. I Love You. You were truly my Angel that was send from heaven to change my life. THANK YOU
Yessenia Cardenas

Hey dezzi, i truly do miss you soo soo much!  i still can't belive ur gone! i see all the girls that use to go to olive n now we are all in high school, and i wonder..who will you be hanging out with..who ur going to sadies with...who ur dating...wat kind of bag are you going to be carrying..etc..things a high school student will be doing. Its now offically our senior year....and yet ur not forgotten & you'll never be! i miss our laughs in ms. bickleys class..and that one day that we started crying of laughter because our parents only grounded us for a few mins in our rooms..and because we were both the oldest and girls :) that was the day wen we got really close n you wrote ur name n number down on my agenda :) oh how i miss that smile of urs...

and how u always sung out of no were n ill look at u n u'll just laugh then ill laugh with you. i want to be able to see you at least one more time just to let u kno that ur one of the most lovable,sweetest,outgoing, and easy to get along with girl i've ever met! and how much i love you n give u one last hug.                    love you, Yessenia Cardenas



cuz susie
hey cuz yeah i will tell them and i cant wait untill you show the thing you want to show me - susie
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