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Desiree Ramirez
Born in California
13 years
Alexis limas

hey girl i'll remember your party when just afew of us went but we had fun well remember when u went on the goatcarts at Boomers and we went on like 8 times and wwhen we played hide-and-go-seek in the cosmic golf that was so fun when we ran all over the place then when andrea tripped over well when we ate the cinommon pretzal . At school u would never liked to stay in one place u wanted to walk around with me then when u got with bryan in 2nd period yuo will say "alexis can i barowwow paper to write to bryan or some one else well i mis when u like i luv candy or laughing wheen u walked in and Ms. casas would say Desiree please come in quietly then you'll still be talking and laughfing but im gld u were my friend and no matter where u are ill always see u in my dreams but now ur wathing over us and i know that u waiting for us up there well girl there is no one like u in this world.  Luv u girl R.I.P. Dez  

Andrew Torres

Remember when in first period you would always laugh with andrea when its always quiet. Now when its quiet its just not the same. I love you desiree. here is a poem dedicated to you from me

It is two-thirty in the morning, but sleep is far from

me.  You my little angel are in everything I see.

I think of you daily, you are in my every thought.  It
seems we lost the battle that we so desperately fought.

Now the months I carried you seems like no time at all.
 It seems I only had you a moment before you heard God's call

You were born with out a cry, without a single sound.  It
seems I lost the treasure that I have only found.

I know that your in heaven, and there for me you'll
wait.  One sweet day, honey, I'll meet you at the gate.

Until that day comes we still are not apart, because
desiree , you are always in my heart.
hey desiree i cant beliave that you are gone. you were always so happy. i will miss your hugs and big smile. every time you come in the class room. you youched everybody heart. i want to than you for being in my life. i will miss your laufhter. and your big beautiful smile. one day we will meet in heaven. i love you soo. mutch...remember when you were at my party then we used your cell  phone to call pizza hut..and used someles addressand i t deliverd it 2 someone els i will never forget that day......  i love you and miss you very mutch..... member when you got mad b/c i use to lick your hair that was funny....your hair was always so perfect.  in ms. casa class iv been kinda quitet since you have been gone... you use to laugh at everything that  i said.. everytime that you come in the class room your always laughing... well i just wanted to say thank you for being in my life  you will always be in my heart desiree forever R.I.P DESIREE......
Jessica Castillo
Dear, Desiree
I remamber when you always were on the rest room to see if your hair was realy puffy. I also remember whene you just to walk all around school with ur big smile. I hope u are doing well AND I NOW U ARE DOING WELL I MISS U AND LOE ULOTS, JESSICA
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